Careprost Eye Drop with Brush
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Careprost Eye Drop with Brush

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SKU                       : BEP5251
Generic Name      : Bimatoprost 0.03% Solution
Brand Name         : Latisse
Manufacture         : sun pharma
Presentation         : Eye Drop/s
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Introduction to the drug 

Having fuller and thicker eyelashes is a dream for every woman. Eyes are very important for any woman and they make them look very beautiful. Eyes always help in enhancing the look of a woman. But when the eyelashes are small or thin, it affects the beauty. Many people try different things for making the lashes thick. Some women may have thicker eyelashes but they get thinner when the eyelashes start to fall off. Careprost eye drop is one of the best solutions for women with thinner eyelashes. This drug has shown some proven results. Thin and dull eyelashes are not just seen in women, they can a problem for men as well. So, talk to your doctor and get the medication immediately for better results.  

There can be several causes for thin eyelashes like menopause, too much eye makeup, aging, allergic reaction to a medicine or eye makeup, using eye extensions, too much stress, and allergic reaction to medicines. Whatever the reason for it, you will need the right medical help at the right time.  

Working Mechanism 

Let us look at the working mechanism of Careprost eye drop for better understanding. The basic and main ingredient that is used in the making of this medicine is Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution. The working of the drug is very simple. During the Anagen phase, the number of hair follicles and the duration will be increased when you apply the solution. When the duration is long, the eyelashes grow long. Along with long eyelashes, you will also get fuller eyelashes.  


While using Careprost eye drop you need to be careful about the dosage of the drug. Human eyes are very sensitive and so you need to be careful. When you don’t treat this condition with care and caution, that can lead to major problems, you may even end up losing your eyesight.  

l  Firstly talk to the doctor about whether this is the right medicine for you or not. 

l  You should apply the solution to the upper eyelid. It has to be applied like a line. 

l  You need to use it once every day, preferably at nighttime is a good choice. 

l  The results will show up after twelve to sixteen weeks. So, you need to wait for at least three months to see results. 

l  Once the results are visible, you can stop using it daily and use it only once a week.  

Before you follow any of the points listed above, you need to read all the instructions that are listed on the instructions leaflet. 


When you buy the medication, you need to store it well. Careprost eye drop has to be stored in a very cool place. If the medicine is exposed to heat, the results will not be good. It is the same when you expose the medicine to sunlight as well. So, you need to keep the medicine only in a cool and dry place. That way, you are not just storing the medicine in the right manner, but also helping yourself in seeing good results.  


One should remain very careful while using the medicine. Especially if you are using the medicine for treating sensitive conditions, you need to pay more attention. While using Careprost eye drop, try to follow the below-mentioned quick tips. That will be very helpful.  

l  This solution or serum can be used for treating Glaucoma as well. So, always ask the doctor about how to use it for your condition.

l  If you are using any other eye drops for other eye diseases, there should be enough gap between the two medicines. The gap has to be at least one hour. 

l  Do not apply the solution over the eyelashes if there is any makeup on them. 

l  Clean the eyelashes carefully before you start applying the solution. 

l  Do not touch the tip of the eyelash solution while applying. That can cause the dirt and bacteria to accumulate on the tip and then enter the eyes. 

l  If there is any excess solution on the eyelashes, you need to wipe it off with a small cloth.  

Drug interaction with other medicine 

Drug interactions are quite common for any new drug. Each drug will work in a different manner on each body. The reaction of the drug is different. So, if you are using any drugs already, then check for drug interactions. You should check out with your doctor about the drug interactions that you might come across with Careprost eye drop.  

l  Latanoprost

l  Travoprost 

l  Other eyelash serums or drop 

You need to discuss all the drugs that you are using for eyelash growth and other health conditions.  

Side Effects 

Just like the interactions, the side effects are also quite common. While using Careprost eye drop, you may come across a few mild side effects like: 

l  Redness of eyes

l  Dryness in the eyes

l  Severe itching sensation

l  Darkening of the skin around the eyes 

These symptoms are quite common. You just have to be very careful. Keep checking the symptoms so that they don’t get worst. In case, you feel the symptoms are getting severe and causing any discomfort, you need to stop using it. Also, you need to report it immediately to the doctor. Neglecting these kinds of signs can even cause loss of vision.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does Careprost eye drop take to show visible results?

You will be able to start seeing results from four weeks to eight weeks. But the complete results are visible after 16 weeks.  

Can I apply it over the makeup?

No, you should never apply the serum above the makeup. Your eyelashes should be clean before applying them.  

What if I don’t see any changes after four to eight weeks of usage?

When you are unable to see the results even after waiting for four to eight weeks, discuss them with the doctor. Your doctor can help you get a solution for it. Either you may be advised to increase the dose or your doctor may suggest a different medicine that works for you. 

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