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Cancer Medicine


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Erectile Dysfunction

Tadalista 20 mg

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Diabetes Medicine


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Erectile Dysfunction,levitra

Super Vilitra 80 mg

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Eyecare Medicine

Nevanec 0.1% Eye/Drop

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Erectile Dysfunction

Tadalista 10 mg

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Gastro Medicine


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sildenafil Super Active

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Indian Pharmacy (Bestedpill)

Indian Pharmacies are the one-stop destination for all your prescription medicines. At Indian pharmacy, you will be able to purchase the best-quality medicine online at a very affordable price. Over-the-counter medicines with genuine prices are the specialty. Indian online pharmacies always provide the best services to all the clients in the best way possible for us.

In just no time, our online Indian pharmacy has become very popular in the USA. We have served a number of clients across the country and worldwide also. We have some of the best medicines in all categories, especially for male and female sexual health . The variety of medicine available at our drug stores makes it the right place for our customers to visit our online store.

Who are we?

We are one of the reputed online Indian pharmacies for the best quality medicine. Our customers are a high priority for us and hence we make sure to serve them the best. We always take care of the quality of medicine that is being delivered. Treatment, cure, and prevention of diseases should be the main motto for anyone who wishes to stay healthy. With us, you will be able to shop for the best-quality medicine without even moving from your place. Medicines help in saving lives and we make sure that these drugs reach you on time. We sell all Indian medicines at a very affordable price. You can buy any medicine without any problem or doubt.

Why should you choose an Indian pharmacy like us?

There are several generic and branded online drug stores available. Out of hundreds of stores, why should you pick us? There is a very strong reason that drives our customers to our online store and that is we offer the best-quality medicine . Let us have a detailed look at why you should choose our online drug store for ordering your next medicine.


As already mentioned, the quality of the medicine that is sold at our online store is one of the main reasons why you should choose us. Medicine is very important for treating different health conditions. Any compromise on the quality of the product can be a major problem. It can put a person’s life in serious issues So, we understand the importance of life and medicine, and hence we always sell the best quality products only.


Another major reason why people choose our online drug store over others is convenience. Ordering online is pretty convenient and there are several online drug stores. But the convenience that you get from our online drug store is the ease of access. The process of buying medicine from our drug store to the medicine getting delivered to your doorstep, everything is very simple. That can be one of the main reasons why people choose us over other drug stores. The best part is it is a stop for different kinds of medicines. You need not have to look elsewhere to choose the right drugs.

Authentic medicine:

The authenticity of the medicine is one of the main concerns when people buy medicine online. They are not sure whether the medicine is genuine or not. But in our online drug store, we assure 100 percent authenticity of all the healthcare medicines and erectile dysfunction medicines sold at the store. The reason why we can assure the authenticity is we spend a lot of time picking the right manufacturer and the medicine. We also do a lot of quality checks that assure 100 percent authentic medicine.


Another reason why you should choose us over the other online drug stores is the medicines here are inexpensive. The medicines at our online drugstore are quite affordable. They do not cause any burden to your pockets. Added to the affordable prices, we also have generic medicines. That means you will be able to save a lot more than you think you can. With this, you will be able to save a lot more.

Reliable store:

The services that we have been offering since day one has made us one of the best online drug stores for Indian drugs. We were able to maintain a good and reliable relationship with our customers. Whether it is a branded medicine or generic medicine, we will make sure to provide the best and most reliable quality. We also strive towards improving it and hence we are able to get some of the best customers.

Wide range of medicines:

We are popular for selling a wide range of erectile dysfunction and other medicines under one roof. At our online drug, you can pick from several different kinds of ED medicines. That means, we make sure that our customers do not struggle in finding a different drugstore. Apart from ED medicines, we also have other types of medicines. Just browse through our medicines categories to get more information about them.

Product Information:

Whether it is ED medicine or other health care medicine, we always provide some product information. When you click on the product, you will be able to read the information. If you still need more information, our customer support team can assist your better in gathering all information.

Exciting deals:

Another good thing that keeps our customers hooked to our online store is the deals that we offer. We have some of the best discounts and deals for new and existing customers. The best discount offers make the price muchly affordable for our customers. The returning will be able to enjoy more benefits. Do not forget to use the offers at our store when you visit the store next time.

On-time delivery:

What can be a better reason to pick a store for their delivery timings? Yes, we always promise to deliver the medicine on time. We understand how important medicine is and how it can save a life. So, we always process and ship the orders within 48 hours and deliver them as promised. It may be delayed for a day, which rarely happens but it is only due to external factors. We will still try to deliver the medicine on time. The estimated time provided to you while placing the order is calculated based on several parameters. We will make sure to deliver the order before the estimated time and we were successful in doing so.

Fair prices:

One thing that is important to us is providing high-quality medicines. But sometimes quality comes only at a very high price. There are people who may not be able to afford quality prescription medicines. As we understand this concern, we make sure to provide the best quality at as low a price as possible. That helps our customers in saving some money. The discount coupons and deals offered at our online drug store help you to buy medicine at fair prices.

Customer service:

You may have several questions related to placing the order or medicine. We have very friendly customer service. We can help you understand all details about the medicine. We will also help you pick the right drug that matches the prescription given by your doctor. Along with that, our customer support team will help you in placing the order. The best thing about our support team is they are available 24/7 and so you can reach them anytime. That means you can call us any time for any sort of doubts about the medicine.

Refund Policy:

We are happy to refund your money back if you are not happy with the services offered to you. You just have to go through our refund and return policy to understand us better. That will help through the refund process. If you have any queries, you can always reach our customer care support team for any doubts. They can even help you with the refund process. You will not be asked any further questions if you are not satisfied with the services you received. That is the reason we have many old customers.

Several payment options:

Another reason why many people choose us and you should also try is, we have several payment options. Yes, one or two payment options may not be suitable for everyone. Hence we offer you several options so that you will be able to pick one from them. The payment gateway is very safe. None of your payment or card-related information will be saved on our servers. Only some minimal details like name and address will be stored. That helps us to provide you with better offers when you return back to us, as a returning customer.

So, these were some of the reasons why we have a such huge customer base. We always prefer quality over quantity. Our customer’s happiness and health are more important to us.

How to buy medicine at our online store?

If you are a new customer, then you may not be aware of the process of buying medicine from us. For those who are new and have no knowledge about how to buy medicine at our online store, here is the step-by-step procedure:

You should Sign up on our online drug store website if you are using it for the first time. If you already have your login credentials, then you can log in directly. You can easily sign up with your google mail id.

You should now start looking for the medicine that you wish to buy. There will be a search bar on the website and search for the medicine you wish to buy. Once you type the name of the medicine and click on the search button, it will display all the medicines with the search keyword you provided. Now you will have to look for the exact medicine that your health professional prescribed you.

You should further filter it based on the dose that your doctor suggested to you. Taking the exact dose as per the expert's instructions will give you quick relief. Once you found the medicine that you are looking for, you will have to add it to the cart. Pick the quantity you wish to buy and then review the order details one final time. You can now proceed to payout. You can select the payment method that is feasible for you.

Make the payment and you are done with placing the order.

Isn't the process simple? Yes, it is pretty much similar to using any other online shopping platform that you have used in the past. If you still find it tough to use this website, we always have our customer support team to help you. The team will take your through the steps involved. We can do this for you, every single time you visit our website.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide the best healthcare products and medicines at a very affordable price. Our online pharmacy promises to deliver the best quality medicine to all our customers. The essential medicine is always delivered on time. We all afford to make sure that the prices are as low as possible and the quality of the drugs is as high as possible.

Your feedback is important:

We always value the feedback provided by our esteemed customers. We accept any kind of feedback as that helps us to improve our services for you. The feedback helps in many different ways. So, please take out some time and provide us feedback about the quality of products, quality of services, delivery services, packing services, and all that you liked about it. You can also mention what can be improved for serving better in the future.

Call us today!!!

Whether you need some kind of information or are unable to find any medicine, just call us today. Our entire team is just a call away from our customers. Ask us anything that you wish to know, related to medicine or orders. Check out the offers and deals before you place the orders. Don't miss your chance to save money. Place your first order with us today!!!