Common myths about birth control pills
23 Mar 2023

Common myths about birth control pills

Prevention is always better than cure. People always believe in it and it is a good way to avoid certain situations.

Abortion can be painful and disturbing for many couples. So, instead of going for an abortion, it is always good to prevent conceiving. There are several contraceptive methods in use at present. But one of the most used and followed methods is the use of birth control pills. One of the most popular pills that many doctors recommend is Yasmin birth control pills. 

Do you know it has been how many years these birth control pills were approved by the FDA? It has been more than 60 years since these pills are approved and are in use by millions of women across the globe. But there are still hundreds of myths always associated with the use of birth control pills. Due to these myths, many people are unable to consider them safe. All you need to understand here is why are these myths still believed and what is the fact behind them. If you are also someone who was told a lot of things when you planned for the use of birth control medicines, then this blog can be quite helpful for you. 


Myths related to birth control pills:

Here are some of the very common myths that are associated with birth control pills like Dronis and others:


Weight Gain:

The first myth that we are going to discuss here is about weight gain. Many people believe that it is the birth control pills that increase the weight of women. But that is not at all true. Just due to the use of the pills, your weight will not increase or decrease. Yes, some women even experience weight loss after they start the pills. Whether it is weight gain or loss, it will persist only for two months. After that, the weight will get back to normal. Any significant or sudden change should be discussed with your gynecologist and get a solution. Also, while on these pills, follow a good and healthy diet.


Can cause infertility issues:

Many people feel that birth control pills can affect the fertility of women. The purpose of these pills is to stop you from conceiving when you involve in unprotected sex. These pills are very safe and can be used by any woman. Some doctors prescribe these pills to many young girls for treating acne. Yes, it is a proven remedy for acne. It helps to reduce period pain as well. It does not increase or decrease sexual desires.


Prevent STDs:

STIs and STDs have to be treated with a lot of caution. It is believed that STIs and STDs can be prevented with the help of birth control pills. Sexually transmitted infections can lead to sexually transmitted diseases. With the help of pills, you can also stop conceiving. It does not offer any protection against STIs or STDs. You just have to consult the doctor about STIs and STDs. Only when the help of experts you can control them. Using Condoms is one of the best ways to avoid STIs and STDs. These conditions should never be left untreated.


Cause disabilities in babies:

There is also a myth that birth control pills can cause disabilities or affect the growth of unborn babies. But there is no effect of these pills on babies or fetuses. As long as you are taking the pills in the right manner and as per the prescription given to you, the chances of getting pregnant are nil. In case, you miss taking your dose like when you are traveling or for other reasons, then there are chances that you conceive even when you are on these pills. But it does not have anything to do with the development of your baby. When you come to know that you are pregnant, it is important to stop taking the pills and see a doctor. They do not help in terminating the unwanted pregnancy. 


They cause cancer:

Birth control pills like Loette and others are considered to cause cancer in women. There is little probability of breast cancer in women who have never conceived in the past. But you can never say that it is just due to the use of these pills. Other health conditions when combined with the pills can cause breast cancer. Also, there is an advantage to using these pills. The chance of being affected by Ovarian Cancer or Uterine Cancer will reduce. If you still have any confusion about the pills and cancer, discuss it openly with your doctors.


The only option for contraceptive needs:

If you think that there is no other way to avoid pregnancy than the use of contraceptive pills, then you are wrong. With so many advancements in every field, even contraceptive options have increased. Birth control pills are a good and simple choice when you can take them regularly. These are not apt for those who miss their dose as even a single missed dose can cause pregnancy. You can try loops and other methods of contraception depending on what you are comfortable with.


It does not work for overweight women:

There is no evidence that shows the ineffectiveness of birth control pills in overweight women. The only thing that may be required is, you will need a higher dose if you are overweight. Also, the chances of heavy blood clots are high for overweight women. So, with a lower dose, the bleeding is going to be heavy when you are on birth control pills. There will not be any other issues with these pills. A higher dose of Cerazette can help you, rather than using the usual dose. 


No other uses of the pills:

Many people think that birth control pills like Yasmin birth control pills should be used only by women for contraceptive needs. They believe that there are no other needs for it. But there are several other needs as well.

  • It can help women to regulate their periods if they experience irregular periods.
  • It is also useful for reducing menstrual pain.
  • Treating acne
  • Stops too much blood loss during periods.
  • PMS or premenstrual syndrome can also be treated with these pills. 


All pills are the same:

If you are also one among those who think that all birth control pills are the same, then you are wrong. There are two different types of pills.

  • Combination of Progesterone and Estrogen
  • Only progesterone pills

One of them is a combination of progesterone and the other is estrogen. Your doctor will suggest which one has to be taken in what quantity or dose. The other one comes with only progesterone pills. These are usually safe for mothers who are breastfeeding their babies. Along with that, there are women who do not wish to take estrogen. These birth controls are safe for them.

Depending on the type of pill your doctor suggests, the menstrual cycle will also differ. Overall, these are some of the myths about the birth control pills like Yasmin and a few others. But none of them are true. It is always good to discuss all your doubts with your physician if you have any questions. Using the right medicine is important but having the right information is also equally important.