Trajenta 5mg
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Trajenta 5mg

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Generic Name : Linagliptin tablet
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Helping type 2 diabetes patients manage the disease with Trajenta 5mg


Trajenta 5mg helps treat type 2 diabetes mellitus. The tablet along with regular exercise and a balanced diet can let you control your blood glucose levels. It will let you prevent the severe after-effects of diabetes like blindness or kidney damage.

In some cases, it becomes difficult to control diabetes with exercise and diet, or any other drugs. In such cases, this tablet is suggested to balance blood sugar levels.

The diabetologist may recommend this tablet alone. He may prescribe it with other diabetes medication. 

The condition and blood glucose levels of a patient will decide the dose of this tablet. Use this tablet exactly as the doctor tells you.

Do not stop the use of this tablet without telling your diabetologist. Of course, an exercise program and a healthy diet are important to manage diabetes while using this tablet. A few lifestyle changes can help you deal with diabetes. 

Some common side effect of this medication is a drop in blood sugar levels. This condition is known as hypoglycemia.  You need to identify the symptoms of this condition.  The symptoms would be 

·      Lightheadedness

·      Dizziness

·      Dry mouth

·      Sweating

·      Fainting


 Also, you should learn how to handle these symptoms. To handle these symptoms, you can carry glucose or sugar candy with you.

Some people may also face nasopharyngitis as a side effect of this tablet. If you do not see these symptoms fading away, consult your diabetologist.

For any disease like the ones mentioned below, speak to your diabetologist before using this tablet.

·      Pancreas problems

·      Heart disease

·      Kidney problems


Also, list the medications and share them with your diabetologist that you are taking before starting the treatment with this tablet.


Vital tips

·      Breastfeeding and pregnant ladies should discuss this with their doctor before taking this tablet.

·      Excessive alcohol consumption should be avoided while taking this tablet. It can lower blood glucose levels.

·      Go for regular tests to test the blood glucose levels and kidney function. 

Uses of Trajeta 5mg

·      Treats Type 2 diabetes mellitus 



This tablet helps boost the insulin produced in your body after having a meal and prevents your body from releasing excess sugar into the blood. It works to reduce blood sugar levels in the body. Normally, this tablet is consumed once a day and has fewer side effects.

When you decide to manage your diabetes, the most important thing is to reduce your blood sugar levels. Once you manage to balance the blood sugar levels, you reduce the chances of getting severe problems that arise due to diabetes. For instance, blindness, kidney damage, and loss of limbs.

Also, with proper diabetes management, you can reduce the chances of getting heart stroke or heart disease.

Take this tablet regularly along with regular exercise and a healthy diet. It will help you feel active and live healthily.


Side effects of Trajenta 5mg


·      Very low blood sugar levels

·      Infection of the throat or infection of nasal passages

·      Vomiting

·      Cough

·      Diarrhea

·      Pancreatic inflammation

·      Constipation



Safety Advice for


Alcohol consumption is a big no while using this tablet.


This tablet is not safe for pregnant ladies. Due to a lack of human studies, one cannot say anything about the use of this tablet. But, animal studies show negative results on the baby. Consult your medical expert to measure the benefits and risks of this tablet before using it.



Nursing mothers should avoid taking this tablet as it is not safe. Human studies show that the medication can travel into breast milk and result in problems for the baby.



This tablet will not bother your driving ability, so driving is safe with this tablet.



This tablet needs to be used with care in patients having kidney disease. In such cases, dose adjustments may be needed. Speak to your medical expert before starting with this tablet.

If the patient is having ESRD disease or is on dialysis, he should use this tablet with caution.



This tablet is completely safe for patients having liver problems. They may not need any dose adjustments. Well, if a patient is having serious liver disease, then this tablet is not advisable.


Frequently Asked Questions


How does Trajenta 5mg Tablet help?

This tablet helps reduce blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetic patients.  In such cases, the body stops making enough insulin. So, this tablet is effective for the ones whole blood glucose levels that cannot be managed properly with a single oral diabetic medication.

With this tablet, exercise and a balanced diet are also important. This tablet can be used with other anti-diabetic drugs.

What is the ideal time to take this tablet? What needs to be done if a dose is missed?

This tablet is taken with food. It is okay if you take it without food too. Take it any time of the day. For any missed dose, you can take it once you remember. Remember, do not take a double dose of this tablet.

Can this tablet leave a negative impact on my kidneys?

Well, there are no such reports that state about this tablet leaves a negative impact on your kidneys. No dose alteration is needed for renal impairment patients.

Can this tablet be taken in the long run? Is it safe when taken in the long run?

Yes. You can take the tablet in the long run. It is safe and long-term use for several months and years has not shown any negative effects.


Is there any specific duration for which I have to use this tablet? Can I stop taking this tablet without asking the diabetologist?

You should continue taking this tablet as your diabetologist tells you to. You need to take it life-long depending on your tolerance to this tablet.

Well, do not stop taking this tablet abruptly.  As you know, the tablet helps manage your blood sugar levels. So, when you stop taking it the symptoms can re-occur and you may face serious complications of diabetes.


Make sure you consult your diabetologist and do not miss out on your appointments with him to keep your diabetes in check.

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