Discovered the Benefits of Sirdalud 2mg: A Comprehensive Guide to Muscle Relaxation
23 Feb 2023

Discovered the Benefits of Sirdalud 2mg: A Comprehensive Guide to Muscle Relaxation

Doctors prescribe Sirdalud 2mg for people who have problems with muscle or joint pain.

  • Antispasmodics

    To relieve muscle spasms by restraining the signals in your brain.
  • Antispastics –

    They influence the spinal cord and reduce muscle spasms and tightness.

Well, muscle relaxers are not suitable for everyone. So, before using it, you should consult your medical expert. One of the effective muscle relaxers is Sirdalud 2mg, a tablet that relieves painful, acute joint and muscle conditions like tension, stiffness, rigidity, and muscle spasms. This medicine can be consumed with meals and even without meals. Taking this medicine in the lowest quantity for the shortest duration to manage the symptoms will be helpful. 

You should take this medicine as and when required. Do not miss the dose to get maximum benefits. You may experience side effects like sleepiness, dry mouth, dizziness, and tiredness. If these side effects become serious, visit your healthcare provider. Your doctor will tell you ways to reduce the symptoms. Before taking this tablet, discuss your medical condition with the medical expert. Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies should speak to their medical experts before using this medicine. Sirdalud 2mg works on the centers of the brain and spinal cord. It offers relief from muscle stiffness and enhances muscle mobility. It also reduces the pain of muscle spasms. you can also check its alternative medicine for pain relief.


Uses of Sirdalud 2mg

  • Relaxes the muscles 


Tizanidine is an effective muscle relaxant that relaxes infection, stiffness, and swelling in muscle problems.

It blocks the chemical messengers present in the brain responsible for the symptoms. This relieves muscle spasms, reduces muscle stiffness, and improves the movement of muscles.

Take the tablet as mentioned in the doctor’s prescription. The doctor will suggest the exact dose and duration after evaluating your condition. With the correct treatment, you can perform routine tasks effortlessly, stay active and enjoy life.

Side effects of Sirdalud (Tizanidine)2mg

  • Dizziness
  • Sleepiness
  • Dryness in mouth
  • Tiredness


Warning & Safety about muscle relaxants

Muscle relaxants offer short-term relief of muscle spasms or acute lower back pain. But, these medicines can lead to some harmful effects too. Some of them can be addictive too. Hence, you should limit its usage as much as you can.

Also, your pharmacist or doctor may alert you against taking such medications in excess or drinking alcohol with these medications. The consumption of two can be dangerous.

Pregnancy & breastfeeding

Sirdalud 2mg (Tizanidine) tablet is unsafe for breastfeeding. Limited information is available about whether this medication transmits to breast milk. 


This tablet can result in dizziness/sleepiness. It can disturb your alertness or affect vision, hence do not d


Kidney patients should use this medicine with caution. They may need dose adjustment, so consult a medical expert before using them.


Patients suffering from liver problems should be cautious while using this tablet. They may need dose adjustments, so speak to your medical expert to know the exact dose.

Patients with severe liver problems should not take this tablet. They should undergo a test to monitor liver function before starting treatment and then regularly throughout the treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q-Is this tablet free of gluten?

Yes. It is free of gluten. Please check the package details before using it.

Q-What is the brand name of sirdalud 2mg?

Zenaflex 2mg is the brand of Tizanidine 2mg

Q-Will Sirdalud (Tizanidine)2mg tablet cause weight loss or sleeplessness?

You may face weight loss or sleeplessness with this medicine. Some people may encounter excessive sleeping problems. If you face such side effects, speak to your medical expert.

Q-Will the Tizanidine tablet reflect on a drug test?

No. This tablet will not reflect on a drug test. 

Q-Will this tablet lead to drowsiness?

Yes, drowsiness is a side effect of this tablet. Not everyone may face this side effect after consuming this tablet. If you encounter drowsiness, do not drive to a different place or use heavy tools after taking this tablet.

Q-Will this tablet result in low blood pressure?

This tablet may result in low blood pressure in people taking medicines to lower blood pressure or other medications. If you see a drop in your blood pressure or encounter signs like blurred vision, dizziness, fainting, or light-headedness, speak to your healthcare provider.

Q-Is this tablet suitable for individuals with mental disorders?

This tablet is not advisable for patients with mental disorders. It can turn the condition severe or lead to hallucinations. So, if you have any such problem, inform your medical expert before taking this tablet.

Q-Can I take this drug with foods containing caffeine?

Do not eat foods containing caffeine while taking this tablet, as it can interact with caffeine and lower your blood pressure, and elevate the risk of side effects like irregular heartbeat, dizziness, light-headedness, fainting, or drowsiness.

Please speak to your medical expert if you encounter such symptoms while taking this tablet.

Q-When should you visit a medical expert?

A person with muscle pain should visit a medical expert who may suggest a muscle relaxer. Make sure you know about the side effects of this tablet. You will find OTC muscle relaxers in the market, but they may not be suitable for all kinds of muscle problems.

Visit a medical expert or speak to a pharmacist before using any muscle relaxer.

Q- Where can I buy Sirdalud 2mg(Tizanidine tablet)

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Things to remember while using muscle relaxants

  • Make sure you have all appointments with the lab and doctor. Your medical expert may ask you to undergo laboratory tests to check your body’s response to Sirdalud 2mg(Zenaflex) tablet.
  • You can ask the pharmacist if you have any questions about refilling the prescription.
  • Keep a list of all the medications(prescription/non-prescription) you are taking. Also, the list should have any other products you are using like dietary supplements, minerals, or vitamins. 
  • Always bring the list at every visit to the clinic or when hospitalized.
  • This list should be with you in case you come across any emergencies.

Muscle spasms occur due to strain in muscles that occurs due to overuse of a muscle. It can also occur due to dehydration or sitting/lying in one position for a longer time.

Do not overlook the symptoms of muscle pain and consult your medical expert to get the correct treatment. It will help you fight muscle pain easily.



Muscle relaxers provide relief in muscle spasms and muscle pain, but they come with side effects. The best treatment options depend on the root cause or injury and many other factors like age, existing medications, etc. The risks come with the use of OTC muscle relaxers. So, speak to the pharmacist or physician and follow the directions.

The medications combined with rest and physical therapy reduce pain. These relaxers are prescribed for the short term to treat painful and acute joint and muscle conditions. Sometimes they are prescribed for pain that lasts longer. The muscle relaxers prescribed by the physician for the first time may not work. In such cases, he may prescribe an alternative if the first prescription doesn’t produce the expected results.

Try to exercise daily and eat a healthy diet to fight muscle pain and spasms.