Lasix 40mg
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Lasix 40mg

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Brand Name        : Lasix
Generic Name     : Furosemide
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Lasix 40mg tablet

Lasix 40mg tablets belong to water tablets and reduce the swelling that arises due to excessive water in the body in patients with kidney, liver disease, or heart failure. The tablet also helps manage high blood pressure.

This tablet helps eliminate excess salt and water via urine. It can be used alone or with other medications as advised by the doctor. Taking it with or without food is advisable. Do not take this tablet within four hours before going to sleep at night to avoid the need to urinate. 

You may feel better after taking this tablet in a few days, but continue taking it as the doctor tells you to. Do not stop taking it without asking the medical expert about it as it can worsen the condition. Some changes in lifestyle like managing stress, reducing the intake of salt, and not smoking can help get more benefits from this medicine.

Uses of Lasix 40mg

  • Treats high blood pressure
  • Treats Edema


Benefits of Lasix 40mg

For High blood pressure

 This tablet prevents the absorption of excessive salt in your body and is thrown out from the body through urine. It also helps you eliminate extra water from the body. This tablet lowers your blood pressure and helps your heart pump blood easily.

When your BP is lower, you are less at risk of getting a heart stroke or attack. Incorporating relevant lifestyle changes can help you gain more benefits from this medicine.

For Edema

This tablet increases the amount of urine generated. It helps your body throw out extra water and relieve symptoms like swollen legs, abdomen, and arms and breathlessness.

It will help you perform daily tasks easily and you will feel active and confident. Do not miss the dose and introduce the necessary lifestyle changes to get the maximum benefits of this tablet.


Side Effects of Lasix 40mg

You may experience common side effects of this tablet like

  • Low potassium level in the blood
  • Dehydration
  • Low magnesium level in blood
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Low sodium level in the blood
  • Electrolyte imbalance


How to use Lasix 40mg tablet?

Take this tablet as recommended by the doctor. Avoid breaking, crushing, or chewing the tablet, and swallow it. Take it with your meals or without your meals at a fixed time.

Before you take this tablet, inform your medical expert about the following cases

  • Breastfeeding
  • Pregnant
  • Liver problems

You need to monitor your kidney function regularly. For this, you need to undergo tests and also check electrolyte levels while using this tablet. This tablet can decrease the levels of potassium in your blood, so, your medical expert may ask you to eat foods rich in potassium like coconut water, and bananas or suggest supplements.


Dosage of Lasix 40mg



Overdose symptoms of this tablet include low blood pressure, dehydration, etc. if you end up taking high doses of this tablet, connect with your medical expert or reach a clinic nearby immediately.

Missed a Dose

If you miss a dose, once you remember take it immediately. If the next dose is on schedule, skip the dose you missed, and continue with the normal dosing schedule. Avoid duplication of doses for missed doses.




Q-Do I need to drink more water while taking Lasix 40mg?

Drink more water while using this tablet because the tablet eliminates excess electrolytes and fluid from the body and elevates urine production. During the release of fluids from the body, you may suffer from dehydration through sweat when you exercise daily, or if the climate is too hot.

Well, if you have heart or kidney problems, speak to your medical expert who will guide you on the correct amount of water you should take. For any concern or query, consult your medical expert.

Q-Can I experience weight gain because of Lasix 40mg tablet?

No. This tablet will not increase your weight. But, you may lose some weight as the body throws out excess water from the body.


Q-What is the exact duration for the treatment with Lasix 40mg tablet?

This tablet needs to be taken as per the dose & duration stated by the medical expert. Based on the condition you are taking treatment for you may need to use it for long-term or even life-long.

Do not discontinue this tablet without asking your healthcare provider. Stopping it suddenly can worsen the condition. For example, you may see a rise in blood pressure all of a sudden if you are using it for high BP, or your edema can worsen. For any dose adjustments, you need to consult your healthcare expert.


Q-What lifestyle changes do I need to make while using Lasix 40mg tablet?

While taking Lasix 40mgmaking certain lifestyle changes can fetch you more benefits. Quit smoking and alcohol as it can reduce your blood pressure and prevent heart issues.

Regular exercise along with a balanced diet that consists of fat-free products, fresh fruits & vegetables, and whole grains would be beneficial. Do not include excess salt in your meals. Engage in meditation and yoga to manage mental stress. Get enough sleep as it manages stress and helps maintain normal blood pressure. Speak to your healthcare expert for any help and get more benefits from this medicine.

Q-Can I discontinue
Lasix 40mg tablet if my blood pressure is under control?

 No. Please do not stop taking this tablet even if you think your blood pressure is under control. Discontinuation of this tablet all of sudden can elevate your blood pressure and you would be at risk of getting a heart stroke or attack. Speak to your medical expert if you face any side effects or want to discontinue this tablet. Your health expert may prescribe you another medicine to manage your blood pressure or suggest different methods to deal with the side effects. This tablet is crucial to avoid further complications. So, do not stop using it without taking permission from your health expert. Discuss with your health expert as he will guide you to a better solution.






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